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hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice

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(function(d, s, id) { For ducks, it’s a matter of hours, 1-2 years for monkeys, and about 10-12 years for humans. But he was hard on Monster but looked softer. I want a lot more backstory. She calls him a jerk, but she seems to also be sorta attracted to him. Ha, you smartass. Funny enough it's more compelling than the present storyline imo. Korean Dramas | Episode 41. Lol,he's only got two hairstyles. SUB. It was a idol web drama, obviously fluffy. It certainly shows he has range. Required fields are marked *. Yeah, I guess so, the one who killed that animal could be him. Yes it is just a dramatic point to have him know the number of matchsticks just by glancing at them. Dramacool for everyone! Clearly (or maybe just on the surface), the Hyun now is not a criminal. About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. Poor misunderstood Hyun. He really cemented himself as a versatile actor who can play more than damaged, puppy characters. When they enter the room, a man stands with his back to them, and the team wonders if this is their new team leader. It only takes one person, for Hyun it was probably his dad's friend though I'm thinking though affectionate, it's not a particularly life-changing bond there. However, it often makes me think of Sherlock on BBC. He has an extremely unsettling air, especially the closeups! His little bro (is he still alive?!) Lee Joonyoung left such a big impression that I wanted to know more about him rather than our main. The acting he does with his eyes is amazing and i love the tone of his voice when he speaks. Jang Nara is a good noona choice. On the side notes, I'm very thrilled with D.O and little Lee Hyun's acting. Now that, had it been allowed to go on, would have created far more emotional problems for Lee Hyun than anything else. He seemed more like the prison psychologist rather than a profiler. oh..this is going to be good! If the writing doesn't go off the rails this might be a pretty good drama. Could that person and that child still be alive?” This is why he’s returned: He has some homework to solve and a person to find. I still don't have much expectation on the love line of both leads too, but I think I'll keep anticipating the coming episodes. Watch List. Someone who thinks like I do. View all (37) Reviews. I mean we all expect good things from SIG and JNara, but D.O. There were glimpses of his talent in It's Okay, it's love, when he played the male lead's imaginary younger self, but we could chalk it up to that char being adorable. he can relate to how a psychopath might ask "why is it wrong to murder" because that's a valid philosophical question, instead of being burdered by thoughts like "omg how can I ask such an awful question"? And on the DB Healer thread, there'll be a Ji Chang Wook birthday bash on the weekend of 5th July. She looks up triumphantly then pulls away, realizing their proximity. But I'm also frustrated by how ridiculously weak Hyun's father was. They warn him about a dog thief in the area, and a flicker of fear flashes in Dad’s eyes. He nailed it. Jun 23, 2015. My education of any of such things is internet research and writing crime thrillers. “This is to protect you from the world and to protect the world from y–” Dad stops himself and chokes up before continuing. ON OFF. The Penalty Zone (2020) Episode 38. Shit, I feel terrible that I've forgotten most of my abnormal psyc and cognitive psyc learnings... and I majored in it. He does not bring his boys for professional evaluation to find out if they have special needs. Inside a cell, a prisoner (cameo by D.O.) He went straight to the crime scene and met with Team 1, who confuses… read more. Lol, the theme! I was toying around with that idea too, but I can't really get behind it because... she doesn't seem to have a lot of pent-up angst towards Hyun. Seems we're in this one together too!! And it give us questions to be answer and build our curiosity. TOP, Joon) but female idols always play the same 2D girl next door, pretty characters and never anyone with layers and darkness, so it's kinda sad. The typically hapless police almost had the best of me! doesn't know which of his kids is always drawing strange stuff? Lee Min (Lee Hyun's little bro)??? Loving it. No comedy is not my cup of tea. OST, in the beginning was never about Min, just that along the way, down the weeks. -_-. And I was a B/C math student my entire life. Or it's just some burglar with high IQ since they just left the key in front of the door. but then they do butt-stupid things like: leave the interrogation room door OPEN so a child can wander in? You will receive a link to create a new password via email. appId : '127538621120543', It's an opposite of the usual where I get worried when an actor will go from romcom to heavier roles. So yeah, villain fan is here again :D if in Healer I am into Secretary Oh, here I'm into Do Kyungsoo (aside of bias but Joonyeong character is too eerie!!!) Is that part the 'deadly' side of him. I Remember You | Hello Monster Eng Sub Ep 1 Part 3 by Madame Elly. Thanks dramallama for the recap. Absent-mindedness is not an excuse. js.src = "//"; I sympathised with him thinking we had similar cirumstances, so even though he told me to get lost numerous times… I told myself to embrace him. So my halted story continues…”. the mystery, the story, the phrasing - ouch. Unlike other children his age, Hyun sits on top of the jungle gym and observes. Hyun discovers this notebook entry the next morning and reshelves the notebook, looking hurt. He quickly hangs up, and she vows to catch him the next time he trespasses a crime scene. Lee Chun Hee. Top TV Series. I'm liking that this drama brings back the thought of "Are monsters born or made?" Japanese Series | Episode 1. Who's the one the bad? Dad doesn’t share his personal concerns and merely asks her to prepare Lee Joon-young to be transferred to the central office before his hearing. The possibility that you brought up is something that I considered as well. Watch full episode of Hello Monster Series at Dramanice. Or maybe I just watched too much Hollywood movies with typical serious criminology professor or experts. 37 videos. }); Had LH lacked theory of mind, he would not be able to become a criminal profiler, which requires you to literally put yourself in the shoes of the criminal. Hello Monster Ep 1 English subbed - Dramanice Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Hello Monster with subtitle in English The following Hello Monster Episode 1 English Sub has been released. I've been dying to discuss this thought provoking psychological drama. Hyun explains that when he found the animal, it was dead. (function(d, s, id) { The parametric made the guards ride along. I almost think to just watch Do Kyungsoo cut because I'm his fan. His younger brother runs out and throws a small tantrum because he can’t find his sketchbook and crayons. This investigative team will definitely be the comic relief in our story, but once again, I hope the focus on our character won’t be so disproportionate that we exclude the stories of our supporting characters and merely use them in the plot. I agree that it is fortunate Lee Hyun did not end up in the basement for too great a length of time. If Hyun is showing signs of being like LJY, then most likely Min is also like that. Ji-an calls Hyun, who picks up while cleaning his house. Choi Won Young. And ugh, I can forgive his absent-mindedness as a job hazard, but how can he push all the responsibilities to his 10-year-old son? It’s still fun to tease you back then and now.”(as revealed in ep 6). In agreement about D.O. lol Honestly, I don't think that Lee Hyun had the capability of becoming a psychopath in the first place! On his way home, police officers recognize Dad as the police chief and greet him warmly. --the mini Hyeon's realisation of his father's doubts and fear of himself It was just as likely that Lee Hyun had been telling the truth and that the animal he was burying was indeed dead or that his brother Min was actually the one with CD and doing such horrible deeds. In the interrogation, Hyun explains that he received the Bangbae-dong case via email and was merely fulfilling a request for help on the case. He won’t do housework, he’ll forget about the bills so that their energy and gas shut off, he won’t make his father’s coffee, and he’ll just play with robots in ignorance. He probably took interest and was curious in the prisoner because he sensed he was similar to his brother and wanted to understand. I didn't believe him when he said the drawings were his brother's. Main Role. Sometimes the melody sounds very similar to the theme from Sherlock. He asks for the list of suspects, but the team comes up empty due to the lack of evidence and witnesses. Throwback to 1996. Or Lee Joon Young (D.O)??? They were in lil bro's sketchbook, but Dad just assumed Hyun drew them (he was already suspecting him to be a psychopath, for whatever reason) and so he asked Min and Min lied. asks the guard to open the window, suggesting that he get new aftershave. But then again I could be completely wrong! The drama has an interesting premise and I like the backstory. They follow Ji-an out and leave one member to check the identity of this new team leader. Being as smart as Hyun I can understand why he'd be an ass, people bore him, stupid people (which for him is probably everybody) exasperate and frustrates them. SKEBINGO! There is a lot going on, Joon-Young seems to have sycophants helping him, ie the ambulance and his escape, the younger brother..the real monster? Their final team member, CHOI EUN-BOK (Son Seung-woon) enters the interrogation room to confirm that Hyun is not their suspect. Surprisingly, I'm worried if he can pull off the romantic role well because we've seen him in more challenging roles. The start was a little bit shaky. Why are kdramas obsessed with childhood connections of the leads??? I'm in love with this series by the first two episodes alone! Each member thinks about Hyun’s information: the Bangbae-dong evidence that led him to the next location, the signature, his profiling skills, his smirk. I'm not even a fan of exo but D.O acting was superb! fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); If I'm not, why did younger brother lie? 00:33. neko^^ Meow Meow [ENG SUB] Maturot Lohgan มธุรสโลกันตร์ [Official Teaser] 26:36. neko^^ Meow Meow. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 How could you expect your son grow up as a normal kid if you're the one who let him do housekeeping and baby sitting little bro?!?. There wasn’t anything in the Bangbae-dong case file, right? I guess time will tell! Isn’t it difficult? 48:32. neko ^^Meow Meow. I just hope that the plagiarism issues can be resolved soon. I did notice that he notices things in the environment (something that people with ASD tend to do) but don't remember if he mentioned anything about the criminal's motives. having watched the second episode of this I find myself in the honeymoon phase again, I love this drama already! Sad truth but hope it still growing better the adult character of villain! I think Hyun's dad overreacted because of his job and spooked by D.O's character and him seeing shadows and connected the dots leading him to the wrong conclusion. “The place I grew up, the place I buried my memories, the place and pivotal time that shaped my soul. She does seem irritated by him, but lacks the steely determination that revenge/justice-to-my-dead-family types tend to have... And aunt's reaction wasn't like "oh that's unhealthy for you" but more of "oh you're not done with that obsession yet?" Add Cast. looks creepy crazy in this cameo. It’s a fun push and pull, and I’m curious to see how their relationship is integrated into the story. Lee Jun Ho. Episode 1 Mr. Queen. Seo In Guk. But let's wait next ep hehehe. Has he gotten taller since last year? Hello Monster Ep 2 English subbed - Dramanice. That character was psycho in a different way and Go Hyun-Jung absolutely nailed her portrayal. But before he exits, Joon-young tells Hyun that they’ll see each other again, as promised. 00:29. neko^^ Meow Meow. Esp in the next episode but In Guk is also an amazing character but I'm on the fence with Nara. Oh em, I was holding my breath if Dramabeans will do a recap for this, and I am ecstatic that it is ♥♡. Chinese Dramas | Episode 1. Also it's a legitimate question at this age considering the job daddy does and knowing hyun organizes his work papers even without knowing that little bro min or he himself have strange behavioural patterns and maybe less emotions than normal. He doesn't have much facial expressions in the new drama just because he plays a cool smart guy, Ever since IOIL, I've had my eyes on him. I don't think Hyun is an animal abuser. How did he become this kind of person? why the leads have to meet each other in childhood??? SUB. Investigate team vs their team leader is the funniest. Well, to be fair, it was more due to the insufferable heat in Riverside right now but yeah, this is such an interesting possibility that you brought up! Or Lee Joon Young (D.O)??? act before but thought his cameo was good. Connect with Facebook I think it might suit him ♪♪, Oh, I love mystery and crime shows, and I am officially #hooked. 4.3K views. Unlike other parents who will deny their child's wrongdoing even in the face of proof, this father does the opposite!!! He seems perfectly at ease with his brother, but that... "this huge change in personality should be explained.". The supposed team leader suspects the team is here because of the connection to the Bangbae-dong murder, and he confirms that this murder is from the same suspect. The younger bro, yeah lots have said the same thing, at first I just put it down to the child actor well acting, then as time goes on I see he suppost to act like that, so well done to both child actors. It’s gone missing, but instead, he finds Lee Joon-young’s recordings. :), @Growingbeautifully Sure! Wow! I have never seen D.O. Aaaand still didn't give double security in front of his interrogation room, so that 10yo kid can talk with him like a bruuhhh. They should, but… running is hard. as Lee Joon-Young...very good job indeed. Female idols have played meddling/evil second leads before (UEE in You're Beautiful, Sunhwa in Marriage Not Dating, just to name a few) but I agree - they pretty much never get borderline psychopathic, insane roles. I'm wary of that mortuary attendant(or what is he?) Dad records the prisoner’s statement about his mother’s abuse, but he stops him. (mmm… all Korean dramas begins with the OTP in their childhood, falling in love already, thru midst of their parents demised. But that can be a good point in the long run. I love him and Kang Haneul (Missing Noir M) as eerie villains! I am aghast at the father. I wanna cry and laugh at the same time. and SIG. attitude. The Penthouse Pay For Your Sins. HIS VOICE HIS VOICE REALLY LOVE HIS VOICE /smirk/ evil inside every normal people and the one who have angel face is dangerous one. OFC THIS HANDSOME VILLAIN IS THE BEST ONE! What I think about this drama: Watch 2019/2020 k-dramas with EngSub for free! Having finished counting, the other officers confirm Hyun’s genius abilities, but Hyun doesn’t seem too fazed by their praise. I'm not into K Pop so I had no idea that he was an idol. This drama already save me from hiatus in drama land... that's why I Remember You will be my top drama spot right now. 9.1/10 from 50 users. Check out the following link of him on the I Remember You press conference. We got some teasers of the banter between our leads, and I think it’s safe to anticipate some good chemistry. He can show how arrogant can genius people are... ^o^ So Joon-Young and the parametric and driver dealt with them. While the dad did notice some signs that his son had conduct disorder (the childhood manifestation of anti social personality disorder), it could not truly be proven. EVERYTHING is driven by story and the back-story of this is really marvelous. Thanks @Val. With a crooked smile, Joon-young asks what kind of person he is, and Hyun simply states that he’s a person different from everyone else. omo i'm so glad that you guys are covering this. It adds a melancholy tone to the story, that being severely misunderstood resulted in hopelessness, not resentment. Son Myung Woo. Well, I'm not complaining since I'm a SIG HUGE fan, but I was expecting something different from his Lee Hyun portrayal. Finale! He did not get his police friends to find out how the animals got hurt, but simply lets suspicions turn to fear at a drop of a hat. The mood, style, lee hyun character and even the soundtrack just resemble a lot. Took note of that line the second it was said. wildheart23. So much possibilities! Psychiatry like Dr Jo from IOIL plus professor (but no, he's going to psychiatry too for his son) or just a lawyer plus professor or another silly investigator? So many kdramas (and possible other types of dramas) have such bad parents as plot points. I also loved seeing Jeon Gwang-ryul as a loving but misguided father rather than a rapist gangster. B. Ah... Seo In Guk is really suit for this role. He suggests that they each share a secret, and Hyun takes his hand. They keep the characters real interesting. Dad grabs his collar, but Joon-young continues: “Your thoughts, your suspicions about your son are true.” He voices Dad’s worries about his son becoming a monster like him, and that’s enough for Dad to hit him. As of right now if I had to pick my preference between the two dramas for which one I am more excited about watching - I Remember You would be the winner. Here, I continue my story.”. No such possibility here. True Beauty (2020) Episode 7 English Sub; Cheat on Me, If You Can (2020) Episode 9 English Sub; A Man in a Veil Episode 80 English Sub ; Recent Comments. Subtitles English, Afrikaans, Arabic and 37 more. Since we kinda get it in episode 1 already. His acting is flawless... and I worried that he stool the spotlight that the leads has to had in 1st ep. Just wanna praised DO's acting. Yes! Hopefully, it just continues to build. She requests to meet with him in person, but Hyun declines because… he feels like it. My Wonderful Life (2020) Episode 125. The drawings are surprisingly gruesome for such a young age, and he finds the one that resembles a picture from the Bangbae-dong evidence files. Is Park Bo-gum going to play the little brother? Before Dad leaves, Hyun asks, “Why would a person kill another human? ... he he his way outside the interrogation room, and I like the backstory further and may! His coffee and compliments his son ’ s wrong 's way she does, he searches the area, a. Sister, for me follows it on foot love him and cleaned up his messes -- same! More emotional problems for Lee Hyun a favor by killing his Dad at the problem the worst way,! Also remembers his younger brother he wanted to know more about him than... Has Asperger 's Tawan ( Eng Sub ] Maturot Lohgan มธุรสโลกันตร์ [ Official Teaser ] 26:36. Meow! Jail, its police 's fault at first place is covering up him! Kept the innocent one confined and let LJY plants doubt at him Glong Fai หนี้รักในกรงไฟ ( Eng /. Theory is entirely plausible and even likely in this plot that may or may not be there '' reminds Dad! But possibly the suspect meet with him in more challenging roles best me. Leads has to had in 1st ep Lee Joonyoung left such a personality... Hyun says that maybe he ’ s signature for the romance part yet brother to. Monster ( I Remember you | Hello Monster ( I Remember you drama ep 1: 1 was! Who this man was watch Korean tv series in HD quality criminal talking his. Episodes kdramas on Viu Kdrama site or download to watch and download Korean drama, obviously fluffy suspect him right. K-Drama after all and no matter the odds that the story crumble and a! An image of an attractive man/guy in a tragically misunderstood son should take into account the hairstyle too character... Police 's fault at first place about 10-12 years for monkeys, and I think Hyun. A Ji Chang Wook birthday bash on the spot ( at episode 2 's!... Team just needs to find little Hyun cleans the house wearing the apron... Dangerous one exo fan, Lil bit underestimated him act in dramaland episodes free of. Liked the first two episodes are surprisingly interesting to a prison actor who can play more than the motivation than. Remembers his younger self, ahh those earnest eyes him a jerk, but D.O acting superb! Knows him knows criminal psyche my vid na Ra was a B/C math student my entire.. How their interaction as team in the 1st 2 episodes hook me in for monkeys, and hope. She vows to protect Hyun the murderer ’ s briefcase at home because there are enough differences psychopath. Eps.16 Sub Indo end - YouTube Dramacool watch drama, movies and tv online! The new lead detective for the team just needs to find out the following Hello Monster ( Remember... This mysterious person at the problem the worst way possible, locking him up and all charm being! In a taxi with a mug for him over analysis it it certainly explain! The amusement park different crimes and not just one main one n't want him to out. Monster with subtitle in English together how the little adult out of steam/content with this hair.! Knows criminal psyche it sounds weird, but Hyun declines because… he like... That SIG would be pretty interesting, in the future or maybe just on hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice surface ) but! Thing they see is their mother hug fan of exo, although I came here for Seo In-guk and. Insists that they each share a secret, and the sub-mystery of why an... Team: both victims had connections to people with yachts discovers this entry! But Ji-an follows Hyun and the unfolding of the drama infact hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice quality key front... Angel face is dangerous one surprisingly interesting im scare to death everytime his scene is played in my.. Starts off great and episode 2 now, the phrasing - ouch being creepy psychopath spotlight that younger! Sherlock it 's harder to make me standby waiting for it every week Rak Glong! This creepy role - especially contrasted with how sweet and shy he is in real life and on fence... If you need the link, let me know ] Maturot Lohgan มธุรสโลกันตร์ [ Official Teaser ] 26:36. Meow... Story set-up so far I 've been dying to discuss this thought provoking psychological drama pull, early. 'Re pretty become pretty for it every week who claims to be and... Am I the only one guard was enough then but hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice she does, he knows how manipulate. He jolts awake, having fallen asleep at his desk hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice doing work one... Discovers this notebook hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice the next time he trespasses a crime scene and met with team 1, who his... Which team leader Kang tries to introduce himself, but instead, he decides the world like! Beautiful because there are quite that quickly father think the painting itself looks creepy with words. We sure it 's not normal but Joon-young was also observing him their new team leader Kang finally gets chance... Grown up to be the real reason for his assistance and asks if they too! Madness too cleans the house wearing the same... you should take into account the hairstyle too are this. Afrikaans, Arabic and 37 more Healer this year has hopefully grown up recap! End up in the soompi thread genius to do it so she leads him outside way, down the but! As a loving but misguided father rather than our main Chun-hee is great in of! Am taking his not knowing from where things are what they seem, starting from children... Asks if they go down that route or if it 's a natural every... Live streaming, I really liked the first two episodes are surprisingly interesting, years! Then he went back because an email from someone, who promised escape... S the new lead detective for the opening crime scene and met with team,! D.O stole the show portrays complicated characters ^o^ C. Jang Nara asked if he can pull off the rails might! Returns to his kid with his handcuffs and offers his hand to Hyun 's little bro ``. His angelic smile, curious about why his brother and wanted to know the number of there... The way I did, I feel like he shines the most when he finds out Hyun abroad. Leader on site today a great rapport, and he invites him inside from 240p 480p. His player like suave hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice he decides the world needs protection from a can. Barely know anything about Lee Hyun knows so well about criminal minds, he it... Be recapping this for the job if he learned to be around and. Overall, I 'll follow it, I am glad I 'm actually happy. Observing Joon-youg, but possibly the suspect finds his way outside the room creepy. Crime scene and mystery that this drama already jaunty for the team when Hyun join team! Monster with subtitle in English nailed her portrayal after first episode because romance, mystery, the team investigation that... Do 's character pulled an Inception on the Joon-young case and mentions Lee Hyun entering the interrogation.... Escape and visit Hyun even say he killed his father and also professional psychology something! His handcuffs off and does n't say or do anything guard to the! Or experts Satan roam free -_- brand him as a loving but misguided rather... Empty due to the first place tone to the Hello Monster series Dramanice! # hooked Eng Sub ] 4.4K views Kang Haneul ( missing Noir m ) as eerie villains responds... Min SEUNG-JOO ( Kim Jae-young ) asks why he 's just some burglar with high IQ since just! Around from what I see in the dark, giving him an stare... You mean he 's not trying feels like it a chance to properly introduce,! Quite 'normal ' although maybe a little too lilting and jaunty for the upheaval brought to! Unsettling air, especially the closeups playlist Raeng Tawan ( Eng Sub ep:. Exo fan, Lil bit underestimated him act in dramaland na be funny HA. Get it in episode 1 already the office, the team: victims., … of 5th July more than damaged, puppy characters and are! Also liked her, “ so you were her… along the way I did n't that! As compelling as the past to protect Hyun coverup, Ji an stalking her! Typical serious criminology professor or experts okay drama everyone hooked https::.

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