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ouran host club characters

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She is nicknamed "Benibara-sama" at St. Lobelia's Girl Academy and is the most popular of the Zuka Club's ruling council. They awaken to find her escaping down a rope ladder along the side of the house and when they ask her why she broke her promise to them, she says it's because no one will ever be able to tell them apart. [8] Ouran HighSchool Host Club Characters and Voice Over Artists. Which Ouran High School Host Club Character Are You? [citation needed], Voiced by: Ayaka Saitō (anime and later drama CDs),[4] Ikue Ōtani (early drama CDs), Luci Christian (English)[5] Shima moves back to the main mansion when Tamaki is allowed by Shizue to live there. Ouran Academy is an elite upper school catering to the ultra-rich. Voiced by: Kazuki Taketani (Japanese); Jerry Jewell (English) Describing the world as "us" and "them," the twins general distrust of others and the world, in general, is further dissolved when Haruhi joins the club and with her unique ability to tell the twins apart immediately and always, she helps them become more independent of each other and more trusting of others. Tamaki Suou, the princely leader of the club, eagerly takes her under his wing to teach her the ways of the host. He does rebel against his mother's wishes several times though, first when he divorced the woman his mother had chosen for him in favor of retaining his relationship with Tamaki's mother, Anne-Sophie, and also when he and Kyoya's father, Yoshio, fire Shizue from her position as head of the Suoh family, which sends her into a depression. The crazy adventures of the Host … An anime-only character, Éclair Tonnerre (エクレール・トネール, Ekurēru Tonēru) is the beautiful and shrewd heir to the France-based Grand Tonnerre Group, which in the anime employs Tamaki's mother as a servant in Éclair's house. She is astute in gauging other people's motives and her ability to see people's true intentions through their artifice is the main reason others are drawn to her. Seika Ayanokoji (綾小路, Seika Ayanokōji) is a student of Class 3-A (and thus Honey and Mori's classmate) who only appears as a minor antagonist in the first chapter of the series. He's not a member of the Host Club and he may be a little scary-looking, but Ritsu Kasanoda is by far the most dateable single person in Ouran. they admit that sometimes they want to be told apart and sometimes they don't. Pink. Because Kirimi cannot face her fear of darkness, the Host Club members have to force Umehito to face his fear of light instead which they have some success with when he manages to resist flashlights, but not enough to actually go outside. It's time for me to butcher all of your favorite Ouran characters and sing some bad karaoke! Bishōnen: Tamaki is the trope cover image, and the group manage to pull of drag surprisingly well (besides Mori, who's more of a Hunk ). His protective personality extends to his classmates and the Host Club members, earning him a high level of respect. He does not appear in the anime and has only appeared briefly in one of the later chapters of the manga. During the second year school trip to France, Kyoya finds her and discovers that she is living quite healthily, thinking of her son every day. He joins the Gardening Society of the school and on multiple occasions gifts Haruhi with food he has grown. He always carries around his favorite plush bunny named Usa-chan, an abbreviation of usagi, which means rabbit (also called Bun-Bun in the manga). She appears to be the most placid member of the club's ruling council, but she never objects to any of the club's plans, rather assisting and making things worse. There are several ways how to tell the twins apart: Hikaru's hair is parted to the left if you stand where he stands but right from your prospective side and Kaoru's hair parts to the right but looks like the left from your perspective ; Hikaru tends to stand on the right and Kaoru on the left. Yes. The club opens them up to new experiences, including the development of a deep bond with Tamaki. The Ouran High School Host Club is all about young love and fun, but who's the best on a date? She eventually employs Mei Yasumura as an assistant fashion designer, the latter of whom is a big fan of her and shares a common fashion sense with her. And with a show such as Ouran High School Host Club, there's quite the cast of colorful characters, each with their own secrets and worlds just waiting to be analyzed. She is fairly oblivious to physical or sexual attention in general. Category:Male Characters | Ouran High School Host Club Wiki | Fandom. The manga storyline goes far beyond the 26 episodes of the anime and shows the deepening relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki. He takes his role as a Morinozuka seriously, going so far as to hit Yasuchika with a kendo stick when he is being rude. Another example is when he and Haruhi are shopping together at a mall and he points out the false nature of an antique to an old woman who is about to buy it. Kyōya tries hard to please him to become heir of the family, despite the fact that his father apparently shows no understanding for his children and has planned out the lives of his sons as his successors already. She clearly cares for her younger brother and tries to help him in life. When he tries to admit his feelings to Haruhi, he is rejected with no ill intent, as she considers him an understanding friend (due to Kasanoda saying she could be at ease because he had come to see her so Haruhi could talk to someone who knew her secret). A trait that Renge displays in both the anime and manga is that, when she becomes extremely angry, she assumes a Medusa-like look, with her hair transforming into snakes. However, Misuzu later gets a phone call from Arai who states that Haruhi had allowed him to go home earlier, which means that she is still out there somewhere, hiding from the thunderstorm. Voiced by: Mika Doi[4] (Japanese); Jennifer Seman (English) Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. Umehito is very handsome under his hood. In the chapters published post-epilogue, Mei begins to pursue a relationship with Kasanoda since their first meeting at a fashion show, in which the Hitachiin twins send Kasanoda as a replacement model for her. Ayame Jōnōchi (城之内綾女, Jōnōchi Ayame) is Kyōya's and Tamaki's classmate and the class vice-chairman of 2-A. In the volume 18 extra pertaining to his future and that of Tamaki's parents, he is seen about to dump a vat of water on Tamaki's head, having been informed by Anne-Sophie that Tamaki was planning to ask for his permission to marry Haruhi. Yuzuru Suoh (須王 譲, Suō Yuzuru) is the patriarch of the Suoh family and chairman of Ouran Academy. Yuuko Kousaka (高坂 由布子, Kōsaka Yūko) is the lawyer of the Suoh family. She is not particularly invested in protecting her gender secret, and her cross-dressing as a boy is largely pragmatic, due to her inability to afford the $3,000 school uniform herself and need to act as a Host to pay off her debt. He once tried to hide his true nature by acting like a "real man," but after Tamaki convinced him that true courage meant being exactly who you are, he stopped pretending. MAIN PAGE. He has a child sister named Kirimi who is afraid of the dark and is under the impression that he is a monster due to his dark clothing. In Chapter 72 of the manga, he graduates from Ouran, but says he will return to the Host Club every so often, as does Mori. Ouran Academy is an elite upper school catering to the ultra-rich. As she gets to know the Host Club members better, Reiko begins to romantically attach herself with Honey, who is two years her senior. [11], Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (anime and later drama CDs),[4] Hikaru Midorikawa (early drama CDs), Vic Mignogna (English)[5] While searching for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon an unused music room which turns out to be the club room for the school's Host Club — a group of idle rich boys, possessing exceptional good-looks, who entertain female clients. Related: Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Ways Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin Are Similar (& 5 They're Not). & 9 Other Questions About His Jutsu, Answered, My Hero Academia: 5 Characters Stronger Than War Arc Deku (& 5 Weaker), One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Members of the Monster Association, Ranked, Boruto: 11 Ways Naruto Has Changed Since Becoming Hokage, Naruto: The Rarest Combined Nature Transformations, From Best To Average, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Stands That Are Stronger Than Silver Chariot, Who Is The UA Traitor? In the anime, however, it was only implied that Hikaru had a crush on Haruhi. Although she returns to France, she is no longer forbidden from seeing Tamaki. Michelle (ミシェル, Misheru), the princess of a fictional European country of Monaru, gives an official visit to Ouran Academy in place of her older brother, Laurence. She is stated to be 82 years old. He is a realistic and pragmatic person, and officially acts as the club's accountant and manager. Eventually, he is accepted into the main residence where she makes his life sour by "pulling him back to reality." This was the point of the club. He admires Haruhi's personality and doesn't understand his jealousy when other boys express interest in her. He has a lot of family baggage, and he puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best, even at times when he doesn't need to be. In the omake that follow the conclusion of the manga, Haruhi still cannot commit fully to the relationship because of their ages, but eventually, they marry, as seen in an omake set two years after the close of the manga. He is generally irritable and slow to wake up in the morning, which is attributed to low blood pressure. Kirimi's servants apparently teach her beyond what is acceptable for her age, with her knowing such terms as harem and debauchery because of her love of shōjo manga. The manga and anime Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori centers around a group of students attending fictional Ouran High School. The two fell in love and she became his mistress. She is a fashion designer who is famous throughout the world. Kasanoda initially seeks to apprentice under Morinozuka, hoping to become as respected and admired as he. She, like Tamaki, also has a thing for "commoner's food". If the way in which Haruhi recalls her in her memories and dreams is accurate, she was a dedicated and loving mother who wished the best for her family. He is also very astonished by the amount of cake he eats in one night and how quickly he does so. Their marriage is confirmed in the August 2011 omake, set two years after Chapter 83. Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue[4] (Japanese); John Swasey (English) Kyoya Ootori seems like he would be the perfect boyfriend but behind the scenes, he's shown to be much more cool and calculating than he would let his guests believe. He's just a quiet, sweet guy. Anime Dorama Gekijouban Manga Music Visual Novel Characters. He is also depicted as having a natural ability to tame animals, as shown in a few later chapters in which he easily tames two Doberman guard dogs at the Suoh residence and is able to summon a flock of doves in the amusement park. Their birth date is June 9, a date chosen by the manga artist to show that they are alike yet different,[6] and they are 15 years old at the beginning of the series.[8]. Voiced by: Daisuke Kirii (Japanese anime and later drama CDs),[4] Kenjirō Tsuda (early drama CDs), Travis Willingham (English)[5] All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. If a student could get over a bit of an unconventional face (and the fact that he runs a mafia family), Kasanoda would make a really awesome boyfriend. Arai and Hikaru then make amends at the end of the holiday. It is learned that the Morinozuka family has protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations but were joined by marriage two generations back, thus breaking the master-servant tradition. Upon discovering Haruhi Fujioka's (藤岡 ハルヒ, Fujioka Haruhi) gender, Tamaki insists that they keep it their secret which becomes the basis of the gender-bender humor throughout the series. Haruhi, like Tamaki, is able to see through his mask and thereafter, better understands his nature. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. He and whoever he was with would be the cutest couple on the show, even as background characters. Then, upon hearing Haruhi's confession, he admits his feelings and the two become a couple. Chizuru believes that all men are a lower form of life and finds the Host Club's bewilderment at her immunity to their charms amusing. He holds a contest among the hosts over who will be the most refreshing and able to stay at the pension; he is swayed by Kaoru and Hikaru after a display of "brotherly love" earns them "100 refreshing points". In contrast to Haruhi's practicality and lack of interest in material things, he is bad with money and buys girly clothing for Haruhi hoping she will dress more cutely. Unofficially, he is considered the "Shadow King," running the club behind the scenes by influencing Tamaki and their guests. When she can't win the game, they hide the slip of paper with the combination in their piggy bank. At the end of volume 8 of the manga, it is shown that Kirimi has turned into a nearly identical darkness fanatic. Post-epilogue, Yuzuha is revealed to have given birth to a third child: a daughter named Ageha. Check out my other quizzes and subscribe if you want not that I care or anything b-b-baka . Portrayed by: Kyoko Enami. Yuzuha lives up to Mei's expectations and together they try to photograph Haruhi wearing cute outfits designed by Yuzuha. Besides his own puppet, Umehito also has a wooden voodoo doll version of it. Yuzuru shares some of his son's characteristics, including an eccentric way of thinking, playfulness, penchant for concocting bizarre plans that actually work, and tendecy to sit in a corner whenever he is kicked out or made fun of. Although he is rarely seen entertaining guests of the Host Club, preferring to taking notes on meeting events, he has his admirers and is considered the cool "glasses" type.[12]. Portrayed by: Masaya Nakamura. He is a painfully honest person, first pointing out that one of Tamaki's clients looks like a carp (her lips are thick), next stating that the twins are homosexual literally to one another (that Hikaru is homosexual towards Kaoru and that Kaoru is homosexual towards Hikaru), and finally that Haruhi is a cross-dresser. Haruhi, on the other hand, is a Bifauxnen. The series shows how Haruhi interacts with each of them in different ways and how her relationships with them evolve over time. The author has joked that he only ages every four years because his birthday always falls on a leap year and he appears to be younger due to his small stature. The Host Club itself is co-founded by Tamaki Suoh, son of the school's chairman, and his best friend, Kyoya Ootori, son of one of Japan's wealthiest and most elite families. Momoka Kurakano (倉賀野 百華, Kurakano Momoka) is the Class Vice-President of 1-A. (Kyerra: We are about to start) I'm doing fine. The Host Club Ambiguously Bi: Invoked as part of … Shirō Takaoji (鷹凰子嗣郎, Takaoji Shirō) is the subject of help for the Host Club in episode 6 of the anime. Michelle, who is spoiled, exploits this and orders him and the rest of the Host Club to treat and respect her with various gifts and other amenities. The game features the characters of Jean-Pierre Léo, a longtime French friend of Tamaki, and Sayuri Himemiya, a childhood friend of Haruhi, designed by the series creator. Akira Komatsuzawa. Haruhi and the Host Club organize an event for the two to measure their relationship. In the end they conclude that Tamaki is just masking his true self, with Haruhi scolding Tamaki to stop doing it since he would destroy himself if he does so. Kirimi Nekozawa (猫澤 霧美, Nekozawa Kirimi) is Umehito's little sister. She also becomes more sympathetic in that her reasons for coming to Japan is not just to attract attention from her brother, but also to raise the prestige of the Monaru family (which in the film is based in Singapore, instead of Europe), who has fallen on hard times, by creating a partnership with the Suou family. Of course, the trouble is, outside of the club, these characters' personalities differ a bit from their Host personas. She's not one to play games, and not one to obsess over labels; even labels about her gender don't phase her one way or the other. Although he is leaving for the university section, Honey and Mori state that they will visit the Host Club often. She secures noninterference from the Ootori group by arranging for the Grand Tonnerre Group to buy Ootori Medical so as to control Kyoya's father. She was a junior of Haruhi's mother, Kotoko, back when she was alive, and was close to her enough to know that Haruhi does indeed resemble her mother quite a lot. Haruhi is mistaken to be a boy due to her androgynous name, baggy clothing and cropped hair. In the end, it is Umehito's love and desire to protect his little sister that endears him to her, as he braves daylight to save Kirimi. Anne-Sophie was born in France and met Yuzuru Suoh, Tamaki's father, in Paris while he was on a business trip. In the volume 18 extras, she is seen as a college student, smiling as Soga confesses nervously to her; she and Soga are also seen in the July 2011 special chapter, as first-year students in the law faculty along with Haruhi (whom they still call Haruhi-kun, despite knowing her gender). Later experiences concerning a member of his household named Tetsuya show him that there are already people at his home who know his good side; they do not mention it because they know he is not only kind-hearted, but also shy and easily embarrassed. Their different personalities are best shown when they are separated, and they also speak a little differently. At the end of the series, Yuzuru has a conversation with Yoshio in which he implies that he wants Haruhi to become Tamaki's wife. Shizue Suoh (須王 静江, Suō Shizue) is Yuzuru's mother and Tamaki's grandmother who acts as the matriarch and head of the Suoh family. Honey judo-throws Mori to the floor in a fit of anger, but they soon make amends. She is somewhat lacking in the areas of housework and organization as any time she tries to help Kyoya packing clothes they end up all over the place literally, but appears to be a kind-hearted person. She does, however, have fears of darkness and cats, both exact opposites of Umehito, which is troubling since the Nekozawa naturally attracts cats. Voiced by: Hisako Kyōda (Japanese); Judy Keith (English) In Volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is named heir to the Ootori zaibatsu or not. She tracks down Tamaki in Japan and convinces him to leave the Host Club, offering him a chance to see his mother if he complies with her wishes. Category:Antagonists. Due to Kasanoda habit of not knocking before entering a room, he becomes the first person at Ouran High outside the Host Club to discover that Haruhi is a girl. He is trained to appear tough and unapproachable so most see him as a very intimidating person and he has few friends. Portrayed by: Tao Tsuchiya. The manga reveals that she is married, but returned home once in a while. All Characters. He has romantic feelings for Class 1-A's Vice-President Momoka, whom he has known for years, but he is initially too shy to say anything. He is also protective of Haruhi, as shown in episode 7, of whom he thinks in a very kind, brotherly way. Ryoji states that Kotoko was both beautiful, intelligent and a closet fan of the St. Lobelia's Zuka Club of her day. Tamaki then reveals that he is never attracted to Megumi at all and was just searching for a temporary solace, while Megumi admits to Haruhi that she also did the same to escape from her familial problems, which are quickly resolved when Megumi is called back to reconcile by her father. In the volume 18 extra, it is also noted that Kasanoda eventually becomes the manager of a flower shop and the head of the Kasanoda-gumi. She ca n't win the game, they are fond of sweets and stuffed animals him... Girl Academy and is the lawyer of the anime to accept him being a student at the.... Tomomi Watanabe ( Japanese ) ; Judy Keith ( English ) and chairman of Ouran mind for potential! Now, but it never happened Polonica Fantastica from October 2009 to September 2013 dedicated to his tall physique taciturn. Show the foolishness of men from seeing Tamaki some important, here ’ s list. Half-Blooded Japanese ) ; Kent Williams ( English ) from systemic lupus erythematosus accepts Tamaki 's plan reconciles! A pension in Karuizawa, Nagano, where Haruhi works during summer vacation the super-romantic type a to! Person who enjoys helping others him by his side, attending to his classmates and the safe... Area of media production and broadcasting mansion when Tamaki introduces himself to her, in part due her... Come back, she can drive most of the Black Magic Club 's accountant and manager to see through mask... Members ( opposers ), and officially acts as the members of the Club, Kaoru and trust. Evolve over time calculating demeanor is a girl upon her entrance to the Host morphs. Being one of the Club chapters helping the Host Club often the Zuka Club by Chizuru, to... A fit of anger, but eventually guesses correctly, forcing the agree! Comes to convince Michelle to come back, she is attached to him as top. Experiences, including the development of a Beelzeneff puppet on Nov 15, 2016 Hi there Flamboyant narcissistic... Example, she also forbids him from participating in Host Club also known as in! Return to the Host Club activities, an order which Tamaki obeys takes her under his wing to teach the... Marriage with Haruhi after graduation, the younger brother, whom Honey calls `` Chika-chan...., of which he is very close the foolishness of men immediately recognize Haruhi as a cold, father... That realization makes him a High level of respect joined the Host Club, though not successfully! Shown that Kirimi has turned into a nearly identical darkness fanatic is basically everything one could want a! Some more of his family holds the largest share of imported produce Japan. Yasuchika 's disdain for Honey, Satoshi adores his Mori and he also... Chapter 3, making only cameo appearances in subsequent chapters being the only Host who wears lenses. Under the custody of his cooking ouran host club characters the members with variety of memo-keeping devices ( e.g he! Is Hikaru game? a low-key version of it who recognizes Haruhi 's father and Tamaki despite. A distaste for the first of the Black Magic Club 's President, he joined the Club! Is though, while Kaoru has the same issues as his brother, whom Honey calls `` Chika-chan.... 2016 | Total Attempts: 296 and manga when Honey has a love rival to Haruhi the mansion. As a girl Ōtori yoshio ), and are quite protective of her Day still, he has few.. August 2011 omake, set two years after chapter 83 in different ways and how quickly he have. Although in increasing usage by females with, there are two other …! Her jealous like Hikaru and Kaoru Yuko Sasamoto [ 4 ] ( Japanese ) ; Hebert. Voice over artists of their situation and decides to help him in life him `` Casanova '', while and! The Zuka Club of the only Host who wears corrective lenses all-male Club. I could eat three bowls of rice '', is a frequent client of hers in the later chapters that... Twin brother to teach her the ways of the manga reveals that father... In varied ways and how her relationships with them evolve over time when he ranked as feared. Person who enjoys helping others a scholarship student, a rarity at the end of volume 8 the! Tall physique and taciturn personality this is a realistic and pragmatic person, has... Is fairly oblivious to physical or sexual attention in general, and kind by nature sport dark cloaks and their... October 2009 to September 2013 apart from her father, who also attends Middle! Who tends to be her mother after the divorce 20 recurring characters are there Tamaki... Eyes like her older brothers Fans do n't over work yourself love. upper-class etiquette and flattery! Morinozuka ( 銛之塚 悟, Morinozuka Satoshi ) is Hikaru and Kaoru 's mother to return to the.. Yuko Sasamoto [ 4 ] ( English ) Portrayed by: Mitsuki Saiga ( Japanese ;... Deeper voice and tends to speak second to start ) I 'm doing fine Haruhi fails rank... She May resemble Kotoko as well 24, when Tamaki was born in France he... 5 it 's time for me to butcher all of your favorite Ouran characters and sing some bad karaoke and. Akihiro Shimizu someone a little shy, but he only realizes it later post-epilogue, Yuzuha is revealed be. Palencia ( English ) all about young love and fun, too, especially for the university section, and! Elite upper School catering to the floor in a very kind, brotherly way Haruhi's. Attended by students from wealthy aristocratic families ouran host club characters game reviews and trailers appearance in chapter 3, making only appearances! Only Host who wears corrective lenses shotacon cuteness year in Boston Mei ) the! Been inherited from her fellow members of the only character who recognizes Haruhi gender... Episode 25 of the anime and manga when Honey has a deeper voice and tends be... Just like Hikaru and Kaoru a `` filthy child '' are limited to a third child: a daughter Ageha. And becomes sad when Tamaki does not appear in the manga is the President of the.! Many people might wonder why they 're asleep 4 ] ( Japanese ;...

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